Pre-Conference Workshop

The Bill Faulkner Memorial PhD and ECR workshops will be held on Monday 8th February at Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle.

The workshops are held annually and feature targeted parallel sessions which allow PhDs and ECRs at different stages to share experiences and explore key challenges.

The workshop provides research development activities such as managing a PhD research journey, research methodology, research skills, journal publication and grant application-related skills. Personalised mentoring discussions about career development with internationally renowned academics and informal networking with fellow scholars.

Why ‘Bill Faulkner’?

More information to follow. 


Bill Faulkner (1945-‐2002) was Professor of Tourism and Director, Centre for Tourism & Hotel Management Research at Griffith University, Australia. He was also Deputy CEO and Director of Research of Australia’s Centre of Co-operative Research in Sustainable Tourism. Professor Faulkner was generally and deservedly regarded as the ‘father of tourism research’ in Australia, having spent 20 years in the field, first within government and then in academia. He was a visionary whose impact on the field extended well beyond Australia. He was known internationally for his numerous publications in research journals and frequent contribution at various conferences around the world. In Australia, he was instrumental in the formation of CAUTHE and the development of its annual conference into one of the foremost international tourism and hospitality research conferences. CAUTHE proudly offers the PhD and ECR workshop in memory of Bill Faulkner.