Keynote Speakers

An exciting line up of well-respected speakers will be presenting at the CAUTHE 2021 Conference. 


Kellee Caton

Kellee Caton is Professor of Tourism at Thompson Rivers University in Canada.  Her research focuses on how we come to know tourism as a sociocultural phenomenon, and also on how we come to know and reshape the world through tourism—in particular, she is interested in the moral dimensions of these two epistemic processes.  Kellee co-chairs both the Critical Tourism Studies international network and its North American chapter; sits on the editorial boards of Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Analysis, the Journal of China Tourism Research, and the Journal of Ecotourism (Ethics); and serves on the executive of the Tourism Education Futures Initiative.  She is also one of the founding scholars of tourism’s postdisciplinary movement.


Dianne Dredge

With an interdisciplinary background in urban/environmental planning, policy, tourism, management, economic development and community engagement, Dianne is an interdisciplinary boundary spanner who employs design thinking to help build tourism that benefits people, places and the planet. She draws from 25 years’ of consulting practice, including 17 years spent in higher education. She is an award winning educator and has provided policy research and advice to international organisations such as the European Union and the OECD and to dozens of local governments across Australia. Dianne held a full-time professorship but in 2019 she set herself free to pursue creative, interdisciplinary systems thinking and to inspire changemakers. As Founder and Director of The Tourism CoLab, Dianne combines thought leadership with hands-on practical solutions. She is Member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, Past Chair of the Tourism Education Futures Initiative, and has published too many books, book chapters and journal papers to count. She now focuses her time on thought leadership within industry and amongst change makers wanting to drive responsible, inclusive and sustainable tourism through creative critical design and education. Her motto? Designing tourism for good is hard, but not designing it at can be disastrous.